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The Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) is the national representative body for the businesses that supply quality dental products and services. Recognised by government as an authorative source of advice, ADIA works to ensure that the technical and regulatory standards for dental products provide allow both patients and healthcare consumers to have confidence in product supplied by ADIA members.

                   National Office:               GPO Box 960, Sydney, NSW, 2001
                   Government Affairs:       GPO Box 1, Canberra, NSW, 2601

                    Telephone:                        1300 943 094
                    Facsimile:                        1300 943 794
                    Twitter:                            @AusDental

The ADIA membership is committed to working with dentists and allied oral healthcare professionals to ensure patient care of the highest standard. When looking to by dental product, ADIA members are your ideal partners to deliver quality dental service