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CPD Events for dental professionals

There are many opportunities for dentists, dental industry and allied oral healthcare professionals to learn and build their personal expertise. The following programs are offered by members of the Australian Dental Industry Association (ADIA) and key stakeholders to support continued career development and the continuation of a vibrant Australian dental sector

7/20/2018 – Rotary Endodontics 2
Continuing Education in Dentistry, University of Sydney


Presented by Associate Professor Peter Duckmanton, Dr Omar Ikram and Dr Kurien Mamootil, Rotary Endodontics 2 provides presentations and hands-on sessions to show how new, hybrid and reciprocating systems can be used in everyday situations as well as more difficult cases. The program will introduce new reciprocating rotary file systems as well as the two very flexible rotary file systems that can be used in these clinical scenarios.

  Sydney (7/20/2018 - 7/21/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 11


7/20/2018 – Endodontics...3 Core Skills
Henry Schein Halas


Participants will have an opportunity to prepare an access cavity using burs and ultrasonic instruments. Practice mechanical glide path preparation using rotary NiTi instruments combined with the latest technology in endodontic motors. Using heated gutta percha and warm vertical condensation, participants can also perfect their obturation technique.

  Perth (7/20/2018, Morning)

CPD Credit Hours: 3


8/3/2018 – Surgical Draping


The infection control requirements for oral surgical procedures include using sterile gloves, appropriate sterile drapes, sterile instruments, and surgical handwashing. The principles of sterile aseptic technique must be applied to all surgical procedures undertaken in the dental practice. This course aims to assist the practitioner and/or assistant to master the skills required to efficiently scrub-up, drape, assist or perform oral surgery in a safe environment and follow set surgical protocol

  St Leonards (8/3/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 6


8/3/2018 – Advanced Endodontic Workshop
Henry Schein Halas


The aim of the workshop is to simplify simple to moderate case scenarios as well as identify and minimize potential complications. The day course is primarily hands-on workshop for access preparation, locating and shaping of the root canal system as well as using current techniques and tools for root fillings. The participants would gain ample practice on extracted teeth with a view to gradual and smooth transition into their clinical practice.

  Sydney (8/3/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 7


8/4/2018 – Safer Prescribing for General Dental Practitioners
Continuing Education in Dentistry, University of Sydney


This one-day course developed by Dr Geraldine Moses will provide clinicians with a comprehensive update for safer prescribing and drug use in dental practice. The day is comprised of four key presentations: oral anti-coagulants and their impact on dental patients, taking a medication and allergy history, adverse drug reactions in the oral cavity and drugs which impair bone healing – beyond bisphosphonates.

  Melbourne (8/4/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 6


8/8/2018 – Medical Emergency Certification Training


This hands-on course leads to certification in Advanced Life Support for dentists and staff. The training is designed to provide the practitioner and their support staff with a simple algorithm for the management of medical emergencies within the practice. Participants will learn about the most common life threatening medical conditions, how to recognise them and how to conduct a quick and accurate clinical assessment and lead the practice team in providing effective treatment.

  St Leonards (8/8/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 6


8/11/2018 – Swiss Dental Academy
Henry Schein Halas


Aimed at the whole dental team to discuss the most modern, gentle and cost effective techniques available for periodontal and implant maintenance. Participants will discover Guided Biofilm Therapy and learn why it integrates with the modern concept of preventive and minimally invasive dentistry. Key topics include: how to make periodontal treatments more effective and more enjoyable to you, your patients and dental practice.

  New South Wales (8/11/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 6


8/11/2018 – 2018 ADIA Victorian Dental Show


The 2018 ADIA Victorian Dental Show is tailored to the needs of Victoria's dental community where the latest products from Australia and overseas can be viewed from your local suppliers.

  Melbourne (8/11/2018 - 8/12/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: TBA


8/13/2018 – Practical Oral Surgery
Continuing Education in Dentistry, University of Sydney


Presented by Dr Barbara Woodhouse, this all-day course will cover the practicalities of every day oral surgery including video demonstrations and a hands-on session including practicing suture techniques on pig’s trotters.

  Sydney (8/13/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 7


8/17/2018 – Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders
Henry Schein Halas


Learn the system that dentists are using worldwide with reproducible success from International Educator Dr Steven Olmos. This 3 module Mini-Residency in the Gold Coast, QLD will provide comprehensive treatment methods with access to all supporting data and protocols and will prepare you to immediately start treating the many TMD /SDB patients you did not know about in your practice by providing a logical, systematic approach to diagnosis and treatment.

  Gold Coast (8/17/2018 - 10/27/2018, Full-Day)

CPD Credit Hours: 26+


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